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Posted On June 17, 2023

Elitco is a distinguished e-commerce website specializing in the sale of electrical and lighting products and services. Founded in 1971 Elitco has evolved over its 50-year history from being a mere abbreviation for the company to a recognized logo, brand, and emblem prominently displayed on its exceptional product range. In the era of online shopping, the company is enthusiastic about expanding into a central hub for both consumers and traders seeking a convenient avenue to purchase electrical and lighting products.

What to Expect at, launched by Electrical Lighting Company LLC., offers an extensive selection of technical electrical products, encompassing power control, industrial switches, cables, lugs, connectors, lamp holders, measuring equipment, stabilizers, transformers, drivers, ballasts, and more. In addition, the lighting section showcases a wide range of bulbs, lamps, light fittings, chandeliers, spotlights, linear lights, solar lights, and associated accessories.

Maintaining the Legacy of Electrical Lighting Dubai. remains committed to upholding the longstanding reputation of its parent company, Electrical Lighting Dubai. As a result, all online purchases come with a guaranteed warranty, ensuring freedom from any defects. The dedicated after-sales service provided by prioritizes customer satisfaction, further solidifying its commitment to excellence.