Flex 310 M Crystal MS-Polymer

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Technical Data: Base: 1 C.-Polyoxypropylene Density: 1,06 g/cm³ Viscosity adhesive: Pasty Stability/Run-off (ASTM D 222): < 1 mm Processing temperature: +5 to +40 °C Cure type: By humidity Curing condition: +5 to +40°C and 30% to 95% rel. humidity Skin-overtime*: 10 min. Curing speed ( first 24h): 2-3 min. Volume change (DIN 52451): -1 % Gap filling up to max.: 5 mm Gap width up to max.: 25 mm Shelf life (+5°C to +25°C / +41°F to +77°F): 12 Monate Shore A hardness (DIN 5355 / ASTM D 224) ± 5: 40 Elongation at break (DIN 53504/ASTM D 2240) ± 5: 300 % Tensile strength of pure adhesive and sealant: 3,0 N/mm² Average tensile shear strength (DIN EN 1465/ ASTM D 12): 2,0 N/mm² Specific resistance: 1,2 x 10^12 Ohm/cm Tear strength (DIN 53515/ASTM D 1002): 19 N/mm² Movement capacity max.: 20 % Overpaintable (liquid paint) - only “wet in wet“, within 3 hrs. at the latest after material app Building material category (DIN 412): B 2 Specific forward resistance: 1,2 x 10^12 Ohm/cm Temperature resistance: 40 to +90 briefly (approx. 2 h) to +120 °C Application methodsProfessional cartridge gun for 310 ml cartridges, compressed airgun (we recommend a variation with piston rod), automatic dosingsystems.Joining the parts to be bondedTo ensure optimal wetting, the parts must be joined before the firstskin has been formed on the adhesive (skin-overtime).
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Flex 310 M Crystal MS-Polymer

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  • Crystal-clear after curing | ISEGA-certified - WEICON Flex 310 M Crystal is transparent, strong, paintable (wet-on-wet), sandable, has an outstanding resistance to ageing and good resistance to UV rays. It contains no silicone, isocyanate, halogens or solvents. It has an ISEGA certificate and can be used as an adhesive in the food technology. Flex 310 M Crystal is an elastic adhesive suitable for bonding glass, PC* and acrylic glass*, metals, many plastics, ceramics, wood and stone. The product is crystal clear after curing and is particularly suited for elastic joints where the adhesive should or must not be visible. It can be used in plastic processing, metal construction, tank and apparatus engineering, in ventilation and air conditioning systems, the electrical and lighting industry, in exhibition stand construction and shopfitting, and in all applications where silicones or products containing silicones are not suitable.
STORAGE When unopened and stored at room temperature (+23°C and 50 % rel. humidity), WEICON elastic one-component adhesives and sealants have a shelf life of 12 months.
PRODUCT SAFETY Caution H229 - Pressurized container: May burst if heated.
SIZE [ml] 310

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